Catering to the Consumer

We try to make countertop purchases as trouble-free as possible. Remodeling projects require patience and the understanding that the whole purpose is to make things better, sometimes that means going without a sink or use of countertops for a short while. We offer old countertop removal to help the process go a little smoother, however, because we are not plumbers or electricians we don’t offer those services. In most cases, laminate countertop jobs can be installed in one day, even if we do the old countertop removal.

Solid Surface jobs are a little different due to the fabrication process. We generally make templates which require the old countertops to be removed prior to fabricating the new ones and this may increase the time without countertops a little. So to make the process go as fast as possible we don’t schedule the templates until we are ready to start fabricating the job.

We recommend that the re-installation of the sink be scheduled for the day after our installation, this would also apply for any appliance hook-ups.

Do it yourself Services

These days people are wanting to do the work themselves to save money. At CCC we understand this and have programs that can help. We sell all of our laminate products either installed or not installed. If the customer wants to install them, we need the actual sizes to professionally fabricate the countertops to the supplied specifications. This includes all finished ends and sink cutouts, and since we don’t need to schedule a field measure or installation the tops can be produced faster.

Another service we provide is cutting countertops to size. In addition to having our own inventory of stock countertops (including up to 12′ lengths!) Countertops can be purchased from a local home store and brought to us, we then do the miter or straight cuts to custom fit the kitchen. We can also cutout for the sink, and finish the ends if you would like. Depending on the size of the job and our current schedule we usually get this done within 24 hours. This is probably the fastest way to get new countertops. We do not offer installation services for countertops purchased elsewhere.

We also sell Solid Surface products to the “do it yourselfers”. This would include tub and shower surround kits, bathroom vanities, shower shelves, window sills, and a variety of other items that do not require seaming or job site fabrication.

CNC Services

We provide CNC cutting services, from multiple parts to custom shapes. For more information please see our CNC Services page.


We gladly accept payments with credit cards, cash or personal checks. For more information on any of our products or services please give us a call @ (530) 894-8123 or you can e-mail us at: or simply go to our “Contact Us” page.