Paper Composite

Paper Composite material is a very unique product. It is a very dense material that is used for many applications, Indoor and out. They have used these products to clad the exterior of buildings as well as countertops for kitchens and baths. This material is waterproof which allows it to accommodate undermount sinks. It can be seemed and sanded to eliminate porous seams which can collect bacteria.


Bringing Kitchen Countertops Out of the Stone Age

Richlite Company, a manufacturer of paper-based countertops, offers a collection of warm and natural-feeling surface materials that breathe new life into the kitchen, bath, and office. Richlite’s® unique paper surfaces bring a soft and comfortable ambiance to a room that’s rarely achieved through cold, hard stone and plastic solid surfaces. It’s made from environmentally sustainable resources and is an attractive, durable, long-lasting material that complements a variety of design tastes.





PaperStone is a beautiful and heavy-duty solid surface known for its performance, its warm touch, its contemporary appearance and its environmental sustainability. It is made from post-consumer recycled paper and a proprietary, petroleum-free resin. It is the only solid surface material certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, Smartwood and the Rainforest Alliance. Specifying PaperStone can earn up to five LEED points. PaperStone is durable and is recommended for residential kitchen and bath and commercial uses, indoor and out. PaperStone isn’t just an attractive new material that is produced in a socially responsible manner, it is also strong and tough. It has steel-like strength in span. It has stone-like beauty and it can be worked like fine hardwoods. PaperStone is innovative and cost competitive.