Acrylic Solid Surface

Solid surface has been around for more than 50 years now and is increasingly becoming the choice for healthcare, restaurant and hospitality applications because of its hygienic properties. It is also the healthest choice for your own kitchens and bathrooms.

What is Solid Surface?

Solid surface is a manufactured material most commonly used for seamless countertop installations. It is frequently referred to as Corian®, a product developed by DuPont™ in 1964.

It can be readily cut, routed and sanded like wood and formed into countertops, shower walls, external cladding for buildings, signage and furniture where non-porosity and infrequent maintenance are highly valued. These are just a few of the many applications.

Solid surface is made of acrylic resin, polyester resin or a combination of the two that is then combined with filler, color pigments and acrylic chips. This composition is most frequently extruded or poured into ½” thick sheets that are 30” x 144” and are the same color throughout their thickness.
In addition to being workable like hardwood, it can be heated and thermoformed into curved and molded shapes. It can also be printed on using dye-sublimation techniques that deposit the ink just below the surface so the image becomes permanent.

8 Features of Solid Surface

1) Hygenic & Health Promoting Properties

Solid surface prevents microbial growth, not supporting the growth of bacteria, mold or other fungus, which makes it highly suitable for healthcare settings like hospitals, doctors’ offices, hospices and retirement homes. This also makes it desirable for commercial kitchens and bathrooms, which commonly come in contact with germs, and it goes without saying that these qualities are also great for household kitchens and baths.

With at least a basic understanding of the material, its properties, fabrication techniques and popular uses, it begins to be easily seen why solid surface is highly suitable and growing in usage for healthcare, commercial kitchens and other places that can be potentially risky in terms of prevention of exposure to harmful, illness causing agents and must be able to stand up against heavy use.

2) Non Porous

Can be safely cleaned with a bleach solution, to kill viruses, per the CDC guidelines. It does not need to be sealed and repels waters and most substances, such as wine, grease, hair dye, blood, “permanent” markers, and other damaging materials.

3) Easy Maintenance

It is renewable and repairable. Minor stains and scratches can be removed relatively easily with the use of a wet Scotchbrite® pad. Deeper scratches can be removed using an orbital sander. Breaks and cracks can be repaired to look brand new.

4) Seamless

Can be joined nearly invisibly allowing long stretches of material to appear as one piece with no cracks, crevices or seam visibility. Integral sinks, coved backsplashes, and seamless wall contours, prevent the harboring of bacteria and make cleaning much easier.

5) Colors and Patterns

Comes in thousands of color and pattern options. Often made to look like granite, quartz, solid colors, wood grains, veined stones, translucent colors and many others. Many manufacturers also create custom colors for particular applications or to match logos, etc.

6) Thermoformable

Can be heated and thermoformed into curved and molded shapes. This feature provides the versatility and creative flexibility to to build countoured walls and casework, custom sinks, intricate furniture, lighting, and many other products left only to the imagination of the creator.

7) GREENGUARD™ and NSF/ANSI Standard 51 Certification

Many brands carry these certifications:

GREENGUARD™ Certification which means it is low chemical emitting and has been tested for hundreds of VOCs which can be considered harmful by UL and does not contribute to poor indoor air quality.

NSF/ANSI Standard 51 certification means it has been tested and is safe for food contact for all types of food. This is considered a safe product for use in commercial or residential kitchens.

8) Versatility of Solid Surface

Horizontal Applications include Countertops, Healthcare, Retail

Vertical Applications: Wall-cladding, Shower Walls, Casework & Partitions

DuPont™ Corian® Solid Surfaces Make Creative Visions Real

Corian® solid surfaces offer homeowners, architects, and designers a wide range of design choices and possibilities for aesthetic expression.

Flowing, virtually seamless, organic shapes, bold effects of color and translucency — if it can be imagined, it can be created with DuPont™ Corian® solid surface. Corian® is available in a vast range of trendsetting patterns and tones, as well as your own custom-designed colors. In baths and kitchens and beyond, throughout homes and hospitals, restaurants, and public spaces, Corian® solid surfaces deliver high performance and outstanding aesthetics. A signature DuPont innovation, Corian® solid surfaces continue to evolve and to inspire unprecedented creative flights of design fancy, combined with functionality.


 Good designers and architects create new visions that nurture the belief anything is possible, beautiful and functional. It is their creative minds that transform good ideas into brilliant design, thereby inspiring ones’ clients. In a sense, inspired design is the medium that injects dream into reality – creating a world without boundaries. Deliver the innovative solution that does not put a stop to your creativity or needs. Because when you’re inspired, you?re unstoppable. Meet HI-MACS®.

 Stronger surface with durability similar to that of natural stone – HI-MACS® stands up to everyday scratches. Should you accidentally inflict a deeper scratch or surface impression, a trained professional can easily resurface your HI-MACS® thanks to its sealant-free consistency.

 HI-MACS® is seamless & non-porous without crevices or surface irregularities where harmful bacteria and mold may reside. Unlike other surfaces, it does not require a regular reapplication of sealants or waxes against natural pits and cracks to maintain hygienic properties.

Built to last a lifetime, HI-MACS® endures its everyday wear and tear with higher resistance to stains, chemical & heat. With proper care and maintenance, HI-MACS® will remain beautiful and durable for many years for your children and grandchildren.

HI-MACS® can be easily fabricated and can be heated and bent, enabling the product to meet the most challenging of 3-D designs.With HI-MACS®, you can achieve what once could only be dreamt. Let imagination lead the way into the new generation of inspiration.

 With easy-to-care and repairable properties, no matter it’s a scratch, stain or crack, HI-MACS® can be restored to its original state by a certified professional. Plus our product can feature up to 35% pre-consumer recycled material at request.

 HI-MACS® supports greener earth by using a sustainable material, eco-friendly manufacturing process, and recycling at the end of its life-cycle. LG Hausys fully stands behind HI-MACS® quality, which is we offer a 15-year transferable warranty with customers’ best interest in mind.

HI-MACS® offers greater value for a lesser price. In other words, guaranteed quality with a price tag that won’t break your budget. Upgrade your space without upgrading your budget.

 LG Hausys fully stands behind HI-MACS® quality made in the USA, which is why we offer a 15-year transferable warranty with customers’ best interest in mind. From our manufacturing process to final products delivered to your homes, customer satisfaction is at the core of everything we do.

Samsung Staron

Think the kitchen in your dreams looks good? Wait until you’re sitting in it. That’s the beauty of Staron® Solid Surfaces; they let you go wherever your imagination takes you, turning ambitious designs into fully-functional kitchens and bathrooms. Staron® Solid Surfaces are made of 100% durable acrylic material and are extremely versatile. Add their hygienic qualities and you can see why Staron® Solid Surfaces are so often the top choice for commercial spaces, medical applications and food service and preparation countertops.


Staron® Solid Surfaces have imperceptible seams, which enables designers to integrate sinks, backsplashes, and countertops into a smooth, one-piece kitchen or bathroom system. Staron® is also available in more than 70 colors to complement any décor.


Staron® Solid Surfaces are remarkably practical. Our countertops are durable, stain resistant, easy to clean, and easily repairable. Staron® is also a non-porous material, so it resists bacteria, mold, and moisture from penetrating the surface. As a result, Staron® Solid Surfaces are often used in medical facilities and commercial food preparation as well as kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops.


Some rooms speak louder than others. For a style that matches your unique taste, Tempest is the answer. A big part of the Staron® Solid Surface family, Tempest surfaces have a semi-translucent quality, making them aesthetically similar to quartz with all the advantages of high-quality acrylic solid surface. Tempest colors feature unique, metallic-like particulate patterns adding remarkable depth to a countertop. Custom-fabricate Tempest into free-form countertops and tables, reception desks, wall surfaces or any other interior applications you can come up with. Your imagination is the only limit on how to use this versatile material.
For over 25 years, our leading innovation has created products that push the boundaries and expectations of surfacing and set new product benchmarks for the entire industry. Today, our leadership role in sustainable design and innovation continues to take surfacing beyond ordinary.

Tip: Using a cutting board will help keep your countertops looking new for years to come.