About Us


Thank you for visiting our website. We have served the North State for over 34 years and regularly service Redding to Yuba City and Willows to Chester. If the travel time exceeds an hour please check with us on your specific project.

Our business is locally owned and operated by the original founder. As you’ve seen on our home page “Our specialty is Countertops”. We feel countertops are a very important part of your home and office and this deserves the attention of a professional. That’s where we come in. We can give you the quality and selection you deserve to make the right choice for your project.

You can purchase countertops at the “Big Box Stores” but you will be working with a salesperson that may sell countertops one day and lumber the next. Are they an expert in their field? Not usually. Will you save money? Not usually, and you will not get all the options that are available to you. Going to the source will save time and frustration. Work with people that sell, fabricate, and install the product, a “middleman” only adds a chance to get inaccurate information.

We strive to educate our clients about the different products available and help them with the choice that is right for them and their budget. We have an excellent workforce that is very attentive to detail and takes pride in their work. All these things combined help us to reach our goal of “Customer Satisfaction” and this is very important to us because if our customers are not happy we have not reached our goal, and therefore, would not be successful in business.

Over a decade ago we invested in state of the art CNC machinery, this has allowed us to do things that set us apart from our competition, custom inlays, logo’s, custom shapes, and much more. In addition to all the fun stuff, it has helped us with our everyday operations in countertop fabrication and has improved our overall quality. It has also allowed us to help other companies with specialty and production cutting. For more information please see our┬áCNC Services page.

Future Goals

In the years since our conception, we have expanded four times to help meet the needs of the area. We feel very fortunate our business has grown like it has and look forward to our continued success. We will continue to grow as we need to so we can offer the best service possible to our clients

We try to stay current with today’s technology and are always looking at new tools and machinery to help streamline our operation and give the best quality and service possible. This is a very fast changing industry and we make every effort to stay abreast of new products and fabrication techniques so we can better serve our clients. We work with only quality materials, and we are certified fabricator/installers in the eight most popular solid surface brands.

If you need countertops or just want to learn more about them stop by our office, we will be happy to assist you.